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Steak Bucks®

The Ultimate Collect-and-Redeem Program!

The Steak Buck Program is an excellent idea for a Collect and Redeem rewards program. This program is designed to keep your products and services top of mind with your customers, distributors, dealers or salespeople over an extended period of time. It truly gives you the edge to stay ahead of your competition. Steak Buck Brochures are available upon request. An online catalog and redemption website is also available at www.OSincentives.com/rewards.

Why Steak Bucks?
  • Easy to Implement
  • Perfect for Ongoing Loyalty and Promotional Programs
  • A wide variety of redemption options
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The cost of each Steak Buck is just $10 while the redeemed value is $12 - $16 depending upon the item selected. We also give you the option to pay for the Steak Bucks up front or as they are redeemed by your recipients.

We make redeeming Steak Bucks easy and enjoyable for your recipients. Recipients can redeem as few as 3 Steak Bucks, or can accumulate them and indulge in a variety of gourmet selections including mouth watering filets, seafood, appetizers and delicious desserts. With multiple redemption options, your recipient can order from the Steak Buck Brochure by mail, by phone or through a custom awards website. Shipping and handling is included to any address in the Contiguous U.S.

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