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Product Safety

Above all else, product safety is our number one priority at Omaha Steaks. Throughout the years, we've provided customers throughout the world with fine quality, safe and delicious food offerings that meet or exceed industry and governmental safety and handling standards.

Omaha Steaks has instituted a sophisticated food-handling system, called irradiation, to ensure the integrity of our products - and instill confidence in our customers. Irradiation is used on all Omaha Steaks' ground beef products.

For additional information on Omaha Steaks' food safety techniques, click on the links below.
Ground Beef Safety
Product Safe Handling Instructions
Thawing Product
Storing Product
Kitchen Thermometers
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Thawing Product
For optimal results, thaw all meat in the refrigerator. Remove meat from the box and place in a single layer on a tray. Always leave the wrapper on the product while thawing. If you have less time for the thawing process, you can also thaw steaks in cold water.

The following is a timetable for defrosting meats in the refrigerator:

MeatTime in Refrigerator to Defrost (36° to 40° Fahrenheit)
Large Roast4 to 7 hours per pound
Small Roast3 to 5 hours per pound
1 inch Steak12 to 14 hours
Whole Turkey1 day per 4 to 5 pounds
Poultry Parts1 day per 1 to 2 pounds

Storing Product
The first step in storing food products is to keep your freezer as cold as possible. Even a small increase in temperature can shorten the storage life of all frozen foods. Secondly, leave food products in their original box to protect quality and freshness. If you do not have room for the box, it's appropriate to remove your food products from the box and store them in their vacuum package.

Kitchen Thermometers
Omaha Steaks always recommends that a thermometer be used when testing for doneness. It's a quick and simple way to test that your food product is properly cooked.

Additional Safe Handling Resources

Product Safety Information Line: 877.789.7117